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“Using Mable has been brilliant for supporting our pupils with speech, language and communication needs. Thanks to their innovative technology, the tasks are engaging and the children always want to return the following week! Children love it, staff love it and even the parents share great feedback too! “

We have allocated a room within our school, dedicated to the Mable sessions, meaning there is always a computer and space available. Along with having regular, fun and engaging sessions, Mable has also been extremely cost-efficient, saving Parklands thousands every year!

One pupil, whose Mable story stands out, is a young girl with hearing loss. Mable’s Hearing Impairment Specialists have worked closely to develop her confidence in communicating. They’ve given her a variety of tools and strategies which allow her to communicate confidently and effectively, in a variety of social situations. This wonderful pupil has now left us to start her journey into secondary, but it’s great knowing that through using Mable, Parklands have been able to contribute towards giving her the best start to her new adventure.


Springwell Leeds

“Mable has worked with our school for over three years now providing an excellent level of service to our young people and supporting our staff to develop vital CPD skills.”

Many of the children at Springwell struggle with communication and we have found Mable’s support has become a crucial part of their learning. Springwell is a specialist academy which serves the whole of Leeds. We aim to provide the best possible care and education that we can for children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs between the ages of 5 and 16. For us, pupil wellbeing comes first, we listen to what pupils are telling us about the service and observe how they interact with Mable.  It is truly a pleasure to see them building relationships with their therapist, feeling pride in themselves for the achievements and becoming accomplished, successful communicators.

Mable’s offering is unique because they use technology that the children are familiar with. The activities are gamified and it becomes a stress-free experience where learning can occur. The bottom line is that they have highly skilled staff who know how to interact with our children. The pupils engage in the sessions and in some cases, it is the only intervention they are happy to attend. The communication with the company is excellent we have weekly reporting on each pupil. They also speak to parents and keep them updated on progress. We have and will continue to recommend to other schools.


Springwell Primary

“What a breath of fresh air, easy to set up, easy to refer pupils, no waiting list or hoop-jumping. The therapists are fantastic and very knowledgeable and the kids love attending.”

One little boy who was really struggling when he first joined us in Y1, was assessed through the Mable baseline assessment. Unfortunately, his levels were much lower than we had initially suspected, however, it did put many of his high-level behaviours into context and we could understand why he was acting out in certain ways.  The therapist advised supporting him to engage in activities he may have missed out on in his early childhood, for example, pretend play. He absolutely thrived! Teaching language in a context he understood and at a level, he felt comfortable with empowered him so much. His vocabulary is expanding all the time and he is a happier member of the class.  Although we still have a long way to go, his confidence has soared and we couldn’t have done it without support from the Mable Team.



“Our school is a specialist provision for secondary aged pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.”

Many of these pupils arrive to us having never had a speech and language assessment. Mable allows us to get these children assessed with detailed reports written usually within a week of the first contact; this really helps our staff identify the child’s needs and informs our next steps. As the whole process is online, it’s more discreet than other therapies which some of the older children really appreciate. Mable is an effective therapeutic approach for many of our pupils who would not engage in a more traditional therapy approach.

One pupil has two sessions per week with Mable, he has severe Developmental Language Disorder, which contributes to his SEMH needs. Other therapy approaches have become boring and repetitive for him, but he is always asking when his next session is as he loves using Mable!