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Social Communication

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Social Communication

There are multiple ways in which a young person can experience social communication difficulties. Some can be quite obvious but others can be more subtle and harder to spot. For some young people, they may struggle to make and maintain friendships, which is impacting on their mental health and confidence. Examples of social communication difficulties could be not understanding the need to take turns, being unable to read others body language or speaking over others. This course will help to identify the specific areas the young person is struggling with and explicitly support the young person to understand what they can do to better socialise with peers.

Length of treatment
8 sessions delivered weekly.

Recent Assessment

Referral Criteria

  • Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Social Communication Needs.

What we will work on

  • Understanding & improving conversation.
  • Understanding social cues.
  • Understanding conversation flow.

What we want to accomplish

  • Ease pupil anxiety around communication.
  • Enhance understanding of social situations.
  • Skills to understand perspective taking and empathy.

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